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Former 'GMA' producer whose daughter was murdered opens up about grief in new memoir

Good Morning America

“Five years ago, Michelle Hord, a mother and former “Good Morning America” producer, experienced horrific pain when her 7-year-old daughter, Gabrielle, was murdered.”

Media executive Michelle D. Hord has suffered loss at almost every major phase in her life; the most devastating being the murder of her beloved daughter at the hands of her ex-husband. Yet through it all, there was a voice inside her insisting that she must let the light shine through the holes in her heart. With evocative prose and spiritual insight, The Other Side of Yet offers a compassionate blueprint on how to harness your inner strength. She shares how, while we can’t control the pain or trauma that alters life as we knew it before, we can always pivot to a yet and rebuild a new after.

The Other Side of Yet is about creating a life of purpose, passion, and possibility regardless of what is thrown at us. It highlights how we can face our hardships, yet also choose to keep fighting. A timeless and accessible book for anyone who has experienced grief or loss, it will give you the inspiration and tools you need to reclaim your story.

Reviews for The Other Side of Yet

  • “Hord doesn’t pull punches or offer easy bromides, but instead confronts grief with grace and candor. Readers struggling with loss will find solace in Hord’s courage and guidance.” Publisher’s Weekly
  • “A sensitive memoir on living and finding joy in life following personal loss. Readers needn’t be Christian to find value in Hord’s advice, but she weaves spirituality throughout the text, which will likely resonate most strongly with readers who share her faith.” Library Journal
  • “In writing that is contemplative, emotional, and spiritual, Hord looks forward, holding space for the infinite love that she has for her daughter while she envisions a future filled with light and continued healing.”  Shondaland
  • “Hord lets us into her grief and provides a road map for leaning into the “yet” – the radical healing after loss that must occur as we seek to recover from unimaginable trials and tribulations.” – Essence Magazine

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