The Other Side of Yet: Finding Light in the Midst of Darkness – Author Michelle Hord

“Hord doesn’t pull punches or offer easy bromides, but instead confronts grief with grace and candor. Readers struggling with loss will find solace in Hord’s courage and guidance.”  Publisher’s Weekly

“In writing that is contemplative, emotional, and spiritual, Hord looks forward, holding space for the infinite love that she has for her daughter while she envisions a future filled with light and continued healing.”  Shondaland

“A sensitive memoir on living and finding joy in life following personal loss. Readers needn’t be Christian to find value in Hord’s advice, but she weaves spirituality throughout the text, which will likely resonate most strongly with readers who share her faith.” Library Journal

“Hord lets us into her grief and provides a road map for leaning into the “yet” – the radical healing after loss that must occur as we seek to recover from unimaginable trials and tribulations.” – Essence Magazine