Michelle helps executive leaders and organizational teams navigate the crossroads of change with strategic solutions backed by 30 years of experience.

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From building authentic DEI and understanding today’s multi-generational workplace to weathering mergers, acquisitions, and unexpected crises, Michelle is a strategic partner for leaders who want to develop change confidence, not just survive change management. 

Michelle's extensive work managing crises for organizations such as ABC News and NBCUniversal, her executive background in media and human resources, and her personal trauma experience make her an unstoppable partner to success. Michelle supports corporations needing change and cultural direction, DEI strategies, and crisis direction. She also offers creative expertise in content creation, ideation, and on-air talent coaching and management.

Any successful organization must learn how to navigate change.

clients include:

strategic consulting

Michelle designs training and support for your “talent,” which helps individuals and teams develop confidence and effectively navigate conflict. 

Using solutions from the media world, Michelle teaches concepts such as “first drafts” and ideation to help define voice, build an inclusive culture, and solve traditional corporate challenges like performance feedback conversations.
Whether your team desires to sharpen their skills to better address the media, the boardroom, or prospective clients, Michelle will help each member discover what it’s like to feel included, confident, and supported to do their job effectively.
Michelle is also available for crisis management if your organization faces an unexpected and critical situation.

Services Include:

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Michelle is one of the most impressive and special leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working for. She takes a direct and supportive approach, clearly communicates her vision and makes the hard calls. When I joined her team at NBCUniversal, I saw her lead organizational transformations, working across multiple sub-businesses, stakeholders and brands. She has the ability to blend her extreme creativity with practical business applications, which is one of her superpowers. She taught me early in my career how to diagnose the needs of an organization and how to partner with impact. Her own curiosity and learning agility allow her to work across any function and industry. Anyone would be lucky to work with or for Michelle!

Gina Camuso Mihm | Head of People, Surveyor Capital

It's always a pleasure to work with Michelle because not only is she the consummate professional, but she brings such a broad base of experience to the table given her background. Michelle partnered with my NBCU HR team and I to roll out an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) campaign she and her team developed and the collaborative process was fantastic. The campaign itself was flexible, creative, timely, relevant and could be leveraged in a myriad of ways. Her team also provided us with all the necessary tools and support to roll it out effectively. Michelle and her team's partnership on the Diversity Equity & Inclusion front was also quite impactful and helped us increase our pipeline and ultimately hire more diverse talent. The unique combination of her leadership style, production and talent acquisition experience allow her to be quite agile. The maturity of thought and broad expertise is stand out. I asked Michelle to consult with our then President and CRO and she was really well received. She's the kind of executive that plays well with all levels and particularly the C-suite. Any organization would be lucky to have her on their team.

Ashaki Rucker | SVP, Human Resources - Telemundo Enterprises & Latin America

Michelle and I crossed paths during our time at NBC Universal, where she successfully built talent identification and development programs. At Univision, I engaged her services as a consultant to help us in crafting an employer brand. She brought a playbook of deep knowledge of the industry and competitive landscape, skill in storytelling and expertise in attracting talent to shape an effective approach and narrative. In addition, she provided mentoring and coaching to the team to help evolve the talent acquisition process and ensure alignment. I appreciated Michelle's thoughtful style and pragmatic results orientation. I would be delighted to work with Michelle again and highly recommend her.

Margaret Lazo | Global Human Resources Executive

I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Michelle Hord for over a decade. She is a fair, empathetic and dynamic leader. Her expertise ranges from DEIA work with your executives and within your productions. She is as comfortable in your board rooms as she is on your sets and everywhere in between. I wholeheartedly, enthusiastically and highly recommend Michelle Hord.

Karen Horne | Senior Vice President, Diversity Equity + Inclusion, Warner Bros.

media training

Michelle brings the same experience and expertise to your team that has supported on-air productions like Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and more. 

With over 30 years in the media industry, Michelle is an expert at content creation, on-air coaching, talent management, and crisis communications.
Media training gives a voice of confidence to skillfully share and market key messages in your organization. From inexperienced support staff to executive leaders and skilled on-air personalities, when individuals learn to define their voice, develop confidence, and address others clearly, they excel above their peers, whether on-air or in the conference room.

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If you're interested in coming across as your very best self in media, you should look to Michelle Hord. Michelle was the first producer at GMA who trained me for media interviews at a time when I knew very little nor what to expect. She taught me the tricks of the trade and more importantly, how to bolster my own confidence. Michelle is the very best.

Barbara Corcoran | Founder of The Corcoran Group & Shark on Shark Tank

When it comes to using cameras and microphones to share your message with the world, you’ve be hard-pressed to find a better coach. Michelle is thoughtful, conscientious, a straight-shooter, and filled with the kind of experienced wisdom every serious client knows they want and need. Michelle is one of my favorite producers of all times.

Cheryl Richardson | NY Times Best Selling author and famed founding president of the International Coach Federation

When Michelle joined our team - she really helped bridge a gap between talent and the network; a bridge I had been trying to build for almost 3 years! With her guidance- I was able to finally articulate my goals for the show and see them come to life.

Justin Sylvester  | Host, E! News

Michelle was a consultant working with producers and hosts on our daytime talk show. Because of her background, the hosts respected her guidance and she was able to help us navigate a variety of complex topics on air and behind the scenes.

Loni Love | Emmy Winning Talk Show Host

heart behind the mission

Michelle serves people, communities, and organizations who find themselves at a crossroads by helping them imagine a path forward.

You may not be able to control change, but once you pivot to the other side, you can choose how you change because of it.

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